Modernizing your home’s exterior look can often really boost the value of your property. And if you have the space, you could consider increasing your living area by expanding outdoors. Whatever you may be planning, we’ve probably already done something similar for someone else! Here’s a few ideas.0001

• Give your house an instant modern look with a textured, rendered finish in whatever colour you desire
• A new fence can have an immediate positive impact on your property, improving not only aesthetics but also security. Choose from a range of styles including traditional picket or paling
• Retaining walls are a smart way to keep the garden in check and create a neat and tidy effect. You can use raised beds to create a shrubbery or easy-to-reach veggie patch
• If you haven’t got a garage (or yours is full!), then a carport is a great place to protect your vehicles (and the kids’ bikes) from the elements
• Alfresco dining is always a pleasure and with a covered pergola you can enjoy the weather but be safe from the sun
• Front and rear verandahs add a nice, functional touch to any home exterior and can be styled to blend in with the look of your existing property
• Who doesn’t love the look of an outside deck with some comfy chairs and flowering pot plants? That extra space can make a big difference!

And of course, we offer all the usual services to maintain the exterior of your home or spruce it up ready to sell. These include:

• Painting
• Gutter cleaning and repairs or replacement
• Porch and verandah tiling

Contact us today for a consultation on how we can maximize your biggest asset.

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