Our charges are structured according to the quality of  work.  In the majority of cases, Costas meets the client on site to view and discuss requirements after which a written quote is issued. Quotes are no-obligation, free of charge and valid for 60 days so you can decide if and when to go ahead at your convenience.

For small jobs that require less than a day, the first hour is charged at $140.00. This fee is a standard charge to cover travel time insurances and various business costs. The hourly labour rate after that, it is $45.00 per hour per employee. Usually we will issue a quote in writing. GST is added to all prices.

Larger projects that will take more than a day to complete are also discussed on site followed by the provision of a written quote. All such projects come with a written client agreement, guaranteeing that the client receives the works as described and we receive payment for them. This provides protection for both the client and ourselves.

Usually there is a fixed price although we make provision for extra costs that sometimes arise. Should there be any unforeseen works required, or client requested works, you are advised well before these are carried out: you will be informed of the nature of the work and the anticipated cost. The extra work is not done without your agreement.

All large projects have a time and payment schedule.

We are happy to discuss contract maintenance on an individual basis: many of our clients have investment properties that we service on a regular basis and Costas will be happy to discuss your individual requirements with you.

Our prices are subject to GST and we issue receipts for tax purposes.

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