House and yard renovation

Our client, Monit wanted to renovate his house inside and out. All of this was to completed in time for the arrival of the “guru:” Monit was going to have a very important religious leader with his entourage stay at his house for their visit to Melbourne. The plan was to divide the large, single storey house into an apartment and a main house.

IMG_1579      IMG_1830

The rear of the house “before” and “after:” the old deck and trees have been removed, replaced with retaining walls and a restored pool area.

Scope of works: A lot of large trees were to be removed, the front and rear yards were to be paved and landscaped as well as rejuvenating and painting the pool which at some point had had a decking built over it after being partially filled with dirt. Inside, the main bathroom was to have the old sauna removed and a complete bathroom renovation; partition wall to separate houseand appartment; floating flooring in rear rumpus room; several cracked windows replaced; the tiled roof re-pointed and painted; significant plaster patch and paint work; floors sanded and polished. In addition, the main kitchen cabinets needed to be raised to accommodate large pots and a whole new kitchen in the apartment, as well as seperate mains meters to power grid

We were presented with a project completion time of two and a half months. This was cutting it really fine and required a lot of co-ordination planning to have multiple works running at the same time without our employees and tradies getting in each other’s way as well as keeping the quality of workmanship up to our standards.

Works required:

  • Extensive exterior yard clearing
  • Paving and landscaping
  • Complete pool restoration
  • Demolition work
  • Roof restoration
  • Framing/carpentry
  • Plaster work
  • Tiling
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Flooring

Project duration: Project was completed in two months, three weeks.

Project manager: Costas


Notes: We also completed an extra 50% worth of works due to unexpected extra works that Monit requested and we were still on time with our schedule. We had an average of eight people working each day and introduced a weekend shift during the last four weeks to be able to make the schedule. There were many different skills required to be able complete the project. It was a big advantage having multi-skilled staff.

Monit’s feedback:

“I’m really delighted with the end result, especially since many extras popped up along the way yet we were still ready on time. It’s a massive honour to host the Swamiji and so I wanted everything to be perfect and it was. The house has been transformed into a fantastic home.”

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